Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012 Recap

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A lot went down this month, but I don't have a finished quilt to show for it. I feel weird about that, but it's nice to see the other projects I checked off the list.

Design Wall

Finally! This is such a game changer in The Clubhouse. I can't tell you how much I've put it to use already. I wasn't sure if the six 3M picture hangers per panel would hold, but I've had no problems thus far. Sometimes I'll use a pin to hold a block against the batting. Those Rose Star blocks with the paper still in the outer ring are heavy, but most blocks stick on their own.

DIY Thread Spool & Bobbin Storage Tutorial

Another non-sewing game changer. I love having my spools of thread organized by color and paired with their coordinated bobbins. So far, so good, and I'm loving my new storage on the end of the sewing desk.

DIY Bobbin Tamers

These little guys are keeping bobbin threads from trailing across the room. I love finding DIY sewing solutions at the hardware store!

Rose Star Blocks

Taadaa! I got three of these babies done this month. Is it wrong that my first thought is I should be finishing one block a week?

Storm at Sea: Changing Course

Smartest thing I ever did was to ask for your input on this one. My existing finished blocks are not destined for a giant Storm at Sea quilt. Rather, I'll use them for some alternate piecing project. 

Summer Sampler Series Blocks

I really pounded out some of these this month. I had fun challenging myself with directional fabrics. It's nice not to be scrambling to make swap blocks for Austin Modern Quilt Guild meetings at the last minute. I'm looking forward to finishing my own collection of blocks using my Terrain stash. 

Pezzy Pin Cushion

This was a fun instant gratification project. It finished up a lot faster than each of those Summer Sampler Series blocks ;-) I think I need more pin cushions.

How was your month of June? Summer's in full swing. What's on tap for July?

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  1. It was really busy here! Love what you are getting done. I do like everything you have posted. Also my mom has her design wall held up by 3M hooks. The design will is still hanging.

  2. loving those rose stars - I've pieced all mine but they have been sitting in a pile for months just looking at me. I really should get on with sewing them together!

  3. I'm thinking I need to make one of these design wall things and the thread/bobbin holder looks great. Looks nice and organized.

  4. Loving your thread storage - I've been on at my husband to make me something similar. Is the shelf where the spools sit just a shelf, or are there any sticky-up bits? And are the bobbin pegs just little nails? Sorry for all the questions, it just looks exactly like what I had in my head :)

  5. All the makes are great, but I want that wall. I have a small version of my own, I just want yours lol

  6. What a great blog you have! I can't wait to get my design wall up soon. :) I'm in your new group over at do. Good Stitches. Can't wait to work with you and get to know everyone! :)


  7. Love your Pezzy pin cushion. How fun!