I'm so glad you stopped by!

I get my quilting on in Austin, TX with my mom's borrowed Bernina 1630 Update '96. I learned to sew when I was about seven. My great-grandmother was a quilter, and my mom knows her way around a dress pattern from years of garment sewing. I watched my mom sew many costumes and outfits over the years, and I developed an interest in vintage patterns as a teenager. I only participated in garment sewing with Mom's help and supervision, though ;-)

When I went off to college in 2001, I got it in my head to hand piece and quilt a queen-sized Double Wedding Ring quilt. I went to Hancock Fabrics in Memphis, found a book with the pattern I wanted, and bought fabric. It took a couple of years and mom hand sewing the binding to the back, but I finished it and gifted it away.

After my husband and I married in May 2011, I made good on my threat to take up quilting again. I was thrilled to stumble across the online sewing community. No more isolated quilt making. After a few months of sewing again, I went to my first Austin Modern Quilt Guild meeting in September 2011.

Since the summer of 2011, we sold a mattress so I could take over a bedroom as my sewing space (aka The Clubhouse). I've put up a design wall and moved in my mom's sewing furniture as well.

My quilting style ranges from modern to traditional patterns with modern fabrics. The days of a limited calico palette gone, and that's fine with me. I buy fabric I love at Austin's local quilt shops and from some great online shops as well.

I get my quilting done between rounds of weed pulling in the garden and while chasing around two sweet parrots who share our house.