Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Rose Star Quilt Update

I'm alive! True story.

I didn't plan on taking more than a month off from the blog. Between weeks under the weather with multiple trips to urgent care, a couple of short trips out of town, and wrapping up my term as the VP of Programming for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild, I haven't been up to sewing much; forget blogging.

I'm doing much better now, though, and I did get in a little hand sewing during travel time. Here's the progress that I have to show on the Rose Star quilt.

By some inexplicable magic, piecing in the background has gone really fast. With help from Clare at Selfsewn, I figured out how to cut the paper pieces for the edges of the quilt. I'll definitely do a post to share that process.

You can really see where the half blocks will go as the edge of the quilt comes together. I think they look like shark bites ;-) I'm waiting to piece the rest of the quilt top, then I'll go back and make the half blocks to finish it out.

I'm very pleased with the Stella Solid in Gray that I picked for the background. Thanks for all your help on Instagram! It was a ridiculous process, but it's nice to love it :-D I'm so glad I didn't go with Kona White.

Happy Crafting!