Thursday, November 17, 2011

Junk from Jo-Ann's

Arg! They got me. I went to Jo-Ann's to get some plastic sheets for appliqué patterns, and I thought "Hey! Look at all these great fat quarters all neatly arranged by color. Why don't I just grab some of them for my project?"

This was great in theory. The patterns were very cute. I'll give them that. As soon as I got home and unfolded the fabric, though, it was painfully apparent how low the thread count was. I could totally see my background fabric through the loose weave. Lame.

So, I found myself going back to Jo-Ann's today to return them. I guess these super cute Mary Sorensen blocks will have to wait until I can get some better quality fabric from the local quilt shops. These images are from her site. Don't you love these appliqué patterns? Yup, I thought so. Now you understand why this fabric mishap was so agonizing. Feel free to hop on over to Mary's site and order some patterns to make along with me!


  1. i'm certainly no expert, but I've been spray starching and ironing with steam so that all my fabrics shrink up prior to cutting. plus they're stiffer that way, but that's besides the point. what i'm saying is that i think as long as you prewash (i don't) or iron with steam and starch (i highly suggest "magic sizing" which is super cheap in the laundry soap eisle at walmart) the cheap low thread count fabric at joanns will shrink up and get tighter. just sayin! I've used those cheap fat quarters for a gift project and after i washed it, it was gorgeous.

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