Thursday, November 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Disashter, Casashtrophe, and other made up words for piecing failures

I was so excited to piece the first row of sashing blocks for the Storm at Sea quilt. That excitement lasted until I pieced the second row of sashing blocks. 

That's when I noticed this disashtrous situation.

Umm, those rows don't match up. Hells bells. 

I was trying so hard to make the points look good that I forgot adjusting those seams could impact the length of the strips as a whole along with every piece down the line. This is one of those situations where foundation piecing would probably be really handy. Ya know, if you knew how to do that. Between my 3/8" seam allowances and other mistakes I'm sure I'm not even aware of yet, who knows what size these pieces are supposed to be. I wouldn't know where to begin to make some to make some sort of freezer paper template anyway.

Not to worry. My plan at this point is to make sure my rows are all the same as I go. It's going to be tedious, but I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh...Storm at sea to me is very hard.....good luck!! It caused me great frustrations at one time.

  2. I'm a HUGE fan of this block. Here's how I do mine- it works pretty well for keeping points accurate, I'd never get pretty points otherwise. Paper piecing is a skill to learn, but it's really not difficult. If you try it and have questions, just drop a comment on the post.

    I hope that helps, it sucks when you can't get projects to behave.

  3. I could teach you how to make the foundation template and, if you could make it , you wouldn't need a quarter inch foot. I thnk there are also some printable ones online. I'm a big fan of the Storm at Sea quilt too!

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