Saturday, July 28, 2012

Austin Modern Quilt Guild Donation Quilt Back

I'm loving every minute of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild retreat that we're having this weekend, so I wanted to pop in with a status update!

I had great plans of finishing this quilt back yesterday, dropping it off at Remnants to be quilted, picking up some QuiltCon challenge fabric, and heading out to the retreat. Shocking news: piecing the quilt back took longer than expected.

Jessica at Remnants helped me pick this multicolor Ti leaf batik from the closet of donation fabric at the store. I was wary, but I do love me some Ti leaves. Ultimately, I was fine with the fabric, but it wasn't enough. I pulled some grey and black from my stash to help me piece some sort of weird back together.  

I wish I hadn't overcomplicated it. I don't love this back, but it will serve its purpose as a back to this quilt, and go off to brighten someone's life as a donation quilt with blocks made by the members of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild

I wanted to post this yesterday, but there were internet issues. I'm so pleased with what I'm getting done this weekend, and I can't wait to share!

I hope your weekend sewing is knocking your socks off :-)


  1. Yay, glad you're having fun! I'm off in 10 mins for a sewing day with a bunch of bloggy friends over in Edinburgh, so excited!

  2. You are blogging while at the retreat, that's a great idea! You are so productive, have fun!

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