Monday, July 23, 2012

English Paper Pieced Rose Star Block 13

Taadaa! Ok, here's the other blue block I designed. I really do love me some blue, but I don't want to this to turn into an all-blue quilt. I've got to keep my color preferences in check ;-)

I've been asked how many of these blocks I'm going to make, but I don't really know yet. I guess I have to decide first if I want this to be a bed quilt or a throw. I laid out the blocks I've made to see how it's going. If I want to make a throw that's about 63"x73," I'd need ten more blocks, plus some half blocks to fill in the spaces on the edges.

Who knows how it will end up :-) At least in the meantime, it's a lot of fun to work on these blocks during found time.

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Keeping It Simple


  1. Great work! The piecing is beautiful!

  2. Great block, and how nice to be working on something that will be finished when you decide it is!

  3. Gorgeous colours, great piecing. That'll be one gorgeous quilt, throw or bed!

  4. Another great block! Beautiful piecing.