Friday, July 6, 2012

English Paper Pieced Rose Star Block 10

Ahhhhhhh! Crafted. Favorite Rose Star block so far :-D 

Look how cute it is! Let's pet it. Oooooh, pet, pet, pet. So purdy. 

Ok, this block was a great success. Now, it's back to the chaos of picking fabrics and designing and cutting for new blocks. I've now depleted all of my design work from May. I determined it takes an hour to pick and cut fabrics for the 31 pieces in each of these blocks. I'll try to time myself this go around to see if I'm faster.

These Rose Star blocks are so perfect for when you can grab a few minutes of sewing here and there outside of your sewing space. You can do it, too! Just check out Clare's tutorial for English paper piecing on her blog, selfsewn.

I'm going to have to get a leather or silicon thimble, though. Marathon stitching sessions have resulted in the blunt end of my needle poking through the skin on my middle finger. First aid was necessary. Metal thimbles have proven too ridged for me to use with any amount of control. 

Remember, you can use coupon code SOPBlog20 for 20% off anything in the Purple Daisies store through Sunday, July 8th. Get it while it's hot, crafty crew. This coupon's for you ;-)

That's right. I rhymed. Happy Crafting this weekend. 


  1. Your choice of fabrics was worth all the time it took as the block looks fabulous :)

    I'm not a lover of thimbles myself, have you tried ThimblePad by Colonial? Reusable leather patches that stick to your finger, some swear by them though to be honest I'm struggling to get used to them also!

  2. My technique is to develop ugly tough patches of skin on my fingers so I don't get stabbed any more. Your block looks amazing, well worth all the selection time!

  3. Oh gorgeousness! Great rose star! I use a clover thimble that has a metal tip but is rubbery, very comfortable and it's pink! X

  4. So pretty! I just live with holey fingers, it's a great conversation starter ;o)