Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Moving On

I can't say THANK YOU enough for all of the words of encouragement on my last WIP Wednesday post regarding my Storm at Sea debacle.

Storm at Sea Queen-Sized Quilt

I do still want a huge queen-sized version of this quilt. While the blocks I have aren't destined for the trash, they won't become that quilt either. When I do make the giant Storm at Sea, I'll get new fabric and start from scratch. I don't know exactly what I'll use the flawed blocks for yet, but thanks to all of you I have some really great ideas! Thank you :-)

Rose Star Blocks

These are coming along quite nicely thanks to a few hours of design work I put in to plan some new blocks. I've found that it takes me about an hour to design and cut the pieces for one block. I still haven't timed myself to see how long it takes to baste them on the paper and whipstitch the star together, but I'm curious. Here's the tutorial if you need some take-along sewing for your summer travels: Clare's tutorial at selfsewn.

Summer Sampler Series Blocks

Blarg. I haven't made any more of these to keep for myself. I love doing them in Kate Spain's Terrain fabrics with some other prints thrown in. While I haven't made any more for my own pile, I did get some blocks made to swap and donate to the Austin Modern Quilt Guild. I haven't finished a quilt in over a month, so this could be a fair game candidate.

Summer Sampler Series Donation & Swap Blocks

I can't wait to see everyone's WIP updates! I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced, Sew Much Ado, Whatever Goes Wednesday, and Rae Gun Rambling.

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  1. Beautiful blocks! Perfect piecing! Wow! And I love that EPP project too. I was going to start that one, but then I saw the Sprocket and fell in love. Good luck with your stormy sea project!