Sunday, June 17, 2012

Raffle Winnings!

I told you about all the fun we had at the Remnans: fiber[culture] Post Quilt Market Soirée last night. The shop owner, Jessica, plans to make it an annual event following spring market, so keep that in mind for next year!

In addition to the celebrations, Jessica had amazing raffle items to win. Check out that spread! I'm excited to report that I won some goodies in the many, many drawings.

I won this spectacular Anna Griffin bucket tote and coordinating zipper pouch. I love the tropical floral laminate and the fact that it stands on its own. I like a bag with structure! The sides seem to have some sort of foam lending the shape. Austin Modern Quilt Guild member, Gina, is a purse and pouch-making pro. She guessed there might be a combination of Peltex and auto ceiling upholstery foam between the laminate and the lining.

I also left with this Liberty corduroy tote in deep fall colors. Folks are pumped about Liberty's upcoming prints after fondling them at Quilt Market. I'd love to get my hands on some, too, but this tote will hold me in the meantime ;-)

Finally I won this beautiful charm pack of Michael Miller's Cotton Couture solids, and they. are. beautiful. I've seen the super cute color card for the solids, but having all of these beautiful colors in 5" squares sitting in front of me in my sewing room is so much better.

Many thanks to Jessica for grabbing goodies at Quilt Market and for reaching out to the great folks in the quilting community to to gather these amazing raffle prizes! I had a blast and look forward to next year!


  1. Love that Anne Griffin tote! thank you for sharing! Janelle

  2. Yay for the winnings! Is it maybe fusible fleece in the bag? I use it for structure when bag making and it feels kind of foam like. Or maybe high impact foam, which is the grey stuff you get around high tech gizmos in briefcase type cases

    1. Ok, I've done some hands-on squishing research at the big box fabric store ;-)

      The sides of the bag are stiffer than fusible fleece and much firmer than the auto headliner. I really think it's a 1/8" craft foam sort of material. I have some 1/16" sheets at home, and the squish is the same. Squishing two of those sheets at once feels almost exactly like the bag. That's why I think it's just a thicker version of it. Is that what the grey stuff is like for the tech bags? I'm not familiar with it.

      The way the bag moves and bounces points to foam too. Neither the outside laminate nor the liner are fused to the foam. It's way interesting. I haven't tried much bag making yet, but this is way fascinating to me!