Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Sampler Series: Star Block

I'm determined not to end up in a time crunch, busily working on donation and swap blocks before our next Austin Modern Quilt Guild meeting in July. I'm doing something about it this time by making this block ahead of time. So. Unlike. Me. I'm more of a deadline-driven kind of gal.

We need black and white blocks with a pop of color, but somehow most of the black and white fabric I grabbed for these blocks were directional prints. Tricky. I'm working my way through the Summer Sampler Series, so I made a little sketch to plan which way the prints should run in the Star block.

Next, I printed out the templates and arranged them in the block formation. I numbered each template and wrote the fabric type to be used on each section. I also drew an arrow to indicate which way the directional print should run. I printed an extra page of the A and B templates and cut out each piece. I used those pieces to help me cut the fabric in the right direction.

Using directional prints for this paper pieced block was much more tedious than using all solids or random prints. In fact, cutting and positioning the black pieces was the most relaxing part. The effect is totally worth it, though. The illusion is definitely enhanced by the extra effort.

I'm pretty pleased with the way the points came together. All but the center lined up perfectly. This is close enough, though. I can certainly live with it ;-) 
I just wouldn't want to start any rumors that all of my blocks come together flawlessly.

Putting this Star block together was super fun! I'm pumped to do all of the blocks in the Series for the AMQG and keep working on a set for myself!

Happy Crafting!


  1. that's gorgeous, and I am so impressed that you used the directional prints. It really does look fantastic!

  2. That's an awesome block! I agree with Charlotte - I'm way impressed that you marked the directional prints on the paper pieces - I wouldn't have thought to do that until I pieced it all together and realized they were all going in wonked out directions.

  3. I remember doing that block - it's not so easy. But, so, SO satisfying. Yours is so graphic. Love it!