Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Sampler Series: Minnesota Block

I've got another black and white Summer Sampler Series block today to swap and donate with the Austin Modern Quilt Guild at our next meeting in July.

I was hesitant to jump in with this one, but it came together nicely. Then again, everything seems easy after paper piecing that last block with directional prints ;-)

I sketched out this block to plan the direction of the prints for the finished block. Unfortunately, I took a break in between cutting sessions and totally forgot my plan. Oops!

The direction of my turquoise print is consistent, but the wavy Shine print from the Cocoon line is all over the place. I meant to have the Shine print running parallel in opposite corners, but I forgot to do that, too. So, now the prints are running the same way in corners on the top and bottom of the block. Furthermore, my points didn't line up as precisely as I would have hoped for paper piecing. It must be my Storm at Sea curse.

I think it looks silly, but not silly enough to undo it! At least there's enough noise going on in the background that the turquoise pops out at you, huh?


I traveled over the weekend, and it feels so good to be sewing again, even if I am botching blocks. Is sewing withdrawal normal?

I hope your crafting goes as planned!


  1. I hadn't even noticed the direction til you mentioned it, it looks great1

  2. I'm with Katy - I only noticed after you pointed it out! Love the turquoise with the b&w