Friday, February 3, 2012

Time to Bind Two Baby Quilts

My day of ninja-ness continued until about 11:30 last night. It worked out that I didn't start squaring these quilts up until yesterday. I've had bruises on my shins from falling while skiing at the beginning of the year. They're mostly gone now, and it didn't hurt too much crawling around on the floor to trim the extra fabric of of these guys. (Too bad my toes aren't healed yet.) I guess I'm a delicate ninja.

Afterwards, I went ahead and cut the binding strips to give me a head start today. I have more fabric if I need it. There are no guarantees when I do math at night.

I like Sharon Schamber's binding tutorial videos on YouTube. It's a three-parter. 

You can check them out: 
1) here
2) here

I love the cut edges of a squared quilt. They're kind of fun without binding. I know they won't last long in that state, though. Binding can totally change a quilt. I'm just hoping to compliment what's already going on for these two quilts, though. 

Wish me luck knocking these two off my WIP list. I guess you won't find out until tomorrow. I try not to take ugly night pictures if I can help it!

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  1. Very pretty! Your squared quilts look really, really square.

  2. Lovely baby quilts.....the design and colors are perfect!

  3. Oh...those are so pretty. I hope your binding turned out like you hoped. It couldn't possible take away from these beauties.