Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pin Blasting

You heard me, pin blasting.

Ok, here's the backstory. My dear friend just moved to Singapore to up her coolness factor. (Ok, she got a great promotion, blah, blah, blah.) We were playing with this app called Voxer where you can send texts, photos, and audio recordings (walkie talkie style) to international friends without encountering surprise cell phone bill charges. She texted me a photo of her new desk at work, and I texted her a photo of the quilt I was pin basting and the adult beverage I was enjoying. I found myself rolling on the floor laughing when she sent me an audio recording saying "Well, I don't know what pin blasting is, but enjoy your drink!"

Pin blasting does sound so much more fun than pin basting. So I blasted some pins into this blue baby quilt like a ninja wielding bent safety pins.

Then, in another moment several hours of non-stop ninja awesomeness, I quilted it!

Ooooh, so nice. The fabric on the back has little white stars. Very cute.

Now I just have to square up the pink quilt and the blue quilt and bind them. Ya know, that's all. And I'd really like to have this done by tomorrow night.

Stop laughing. I'm optimistic that I can achieve this self-imposed deadline. (The real deadline isn't until February 11th.) I'd like to get in on some block swaps with the Austin Modern Quilt Guild, though, before our meeting on February 9th. See, I have to knock out these WIPs so I can play :-) Here are the freshly laundered and ironed fabrics for the respective bindings. I went classic.

I'm linking up with Somewhat Simple. Enjoy your pin blasting.

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