Monday, January 9, 2012

The Interrupting Toe

With everything that's been happening, it feels like my 2012 is just getting started. Mr. Phone and I just got back from a ski trip yesterday. I had a lingering toe injury situation and finally wandered into Urgent Care today to get it doctored.

Yikes. There were a lot of tears today, but now I think it'll be FIIIIIIIINE. It will just take a bit to heal. I'll have to find something to replace my running to keep all of those new year's resolutions on track. I did get to work on some quilt patterns during my toe crisis downtime, though. Get pumped. I definitely want to work on some prototypes this week and get the ball rolling on a pdf pattern. Woohoo!

I have at least completed a mending project so far this year. I patched up the binding on this cheapo polyester quilt from Target. 

Taadaa! This bad boy can keep on trucking now. It was kind of fun, actually. I found myself wanting an appliqué project to play with. You know I've got one of those on the list!

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