Monday, January 23, 2012

Quality Time with My Iron

Whew! I have had a crazy last few days. With my toe getting better, I was long overdue for one of those days full of errands. You know the ones, seven different stores in five hours or so. Then you unload the groceries when you get home. Good times.

It wasn't all work, though. I did have to get some fabric for some quilt backs while I was out, and you know how that turns into other fabric purchases as well. I was literally looking up yardage requirements for new projects on my phone while eyeing bolts of fabric at the store. Yay for gift cards from Christmas. I also washed all of that yardage when I got home. I was queen of the laundry room.

We had lovely weather in Austin on Friday, so I really had to pay some attention to the yard. We had a few giant invaders who had only been growing taller while my toe was limiting my mobility. Pretty shameful.

Saturday was ironing day. Ironing is the weeding of quilting. I do not enjoy it. Is there any way of making it fun? Is there a super awesome iron I should buy? I don't know. It's just not enjoyable to me. Because I had put off ironing for so long, I had about thirty yards of fabric to iron. Yikes. At least I get to turn it into beautiful quilts now, right? There's the silver lining!

I was determined to finish the top of this baby quilt yesterday, but I wasn't able to work on it for long before my sister came over to knock out a project on her to-do list. We set up a sweatshop and turned out twenty-three decorative towels . . . or napkins. They were supposed to be tea towels, but the fabric picked out by a group of non-sewing gals was completely synthetic. It was a bear to iron and sew, but we got them knocked out in about five hours.

After that, I kept on sewing until midnight. I had to finish the top of this baby quilt. It was my goal, and there was no way I was going to fall short.

I was so thrilled to get this top done. I haven't had a finished quilt top in this house since November, so it's definitely time! I can't wait to meet this little baby at her aunt's baby shower in a few weeks. Now I'm going to make a blue one for boy cousin who is on the way!

I'm linking up with Sew Modern Monday on Canoe Ridge Creations and with Sew Happy Geek's Maniac Monday. Definitely check them out to see what other folks got done over the weekend!

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  1. Oh wow! I love your comment about ironing! It's so true! No tips on making it easier, except maybe do it in front of the tv or computer watching a movie?

    Your quilt is just gorgeous! I love seeing it in "print" form and then completed! Very sweet finish for you!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit to my blog. You came up as a no-reply and I did not want you to think I was ignoring you!
    LOVE your work!!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the baby quilt you are working on. Seems like there are a lot of babies coming into the world this year. I have two pregnant friends I plan to make quilts for. I need to get on the ball.

  4. Claire, you've certainly been busy. I'm impressed you did so much sewing in one day. And you've got lovely towels/napkins and a top to show for it.

  5. That's going to be a beautiful quilt. I love your fabric combination and you look very organised with your sketch. I'm finishing a baby quilt at the moment just the binding to go.