Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Two Quilts and a Block

It's Wednesday! For some reason that's exciting to me today. I have found some great new blogs this week, and I'm in love with so much quilted eye candy on the web!

For some fun, check out these sites:
        • from the blue chair
        • my selfsewn life
        • badskirt

I use this app called Reeder for Mac, iPhone, and iPad to follow blogs. It works with Google Reader somehow. I was loving it until I went into Blogger and added blogs that I follow to my About Me page, now I've got some duplicates. I guess I shouldn't have messed with the Blogger interface. Apparently there are multiple ways to follow people? Who knew? This app is definitely a keeper, though. It's got a great interface.

I've also been having a lot of fun with Pinterest. Feel free to follow me as I giggle with glee at all of the wonderful things I find on the internet. Salted Nutella Tarts, I'm lookin' at you.

As far as my works in progress go, I have three.

1) Storm at Sea, yeah yeah yeah, it's out in my sewing room (aka, the clubhouse) as if I'm actively working on it, but I'm not.

2) This I'm excited about! It's a baby quilt that I'm working on. I get to make one for a boy on the way and one for a girl who's here already.

3) I'm also excited about this one! I'm playing along with my self sewn life's block party. I didn't know how to foundation piece with English paper piecing, and her tutorial was rockin'! I'm not wild about the colors in this one. It's just basted, though. My plan is to baste some more blocks and then I'll just swap around the pieces until I'm happy with all of the blocks before I sew them together. I'm chicken like that.

I'm totally starting to understand how Flickr groups help folks share their progress in a block party. I love seeing everyone else's color combinations. It seems weird to visit Flickr to check out photos the same way that I would visit Facebook to see what's going on with folks, though. Maybe I just need to get with it? I would love to hear how other folks incorporate Flickr when trying to be engaged in our giant virtual quilting world.

I hope everyone else's WIPs are coming along! I'm linking up with freshly pieced.


  1. You have some beautiful projects going. I, too, love Pinterest. It's addictive.

  2. Awesome! I've been wanting to try a "storm at sea" quilt. Cute baby quilt - baby quilts are what most of my quilty projects have been. And English Paper Piecing is so fun, but I've only done hexagons and diamonds so far.

  3. Everything is looking wonderful, and the EPP is great, what a lot of work!

  4. I like the look of your rose and star - it maybe needs a solid though so it's not too busy. Love the pezzy print! The baby quilt looks great, is that the Baby Lattice Quilt pattern? I did the same one with Terrain fabric!
    I still don't totally get Flickr, although I load pictures and have joined some groups. I don't spend much time there though I'd never get any sewing done!!

  5. Oh my, what beautiful projects you're working on. I can't pick a favorite, they're all so unique and pretty! Great job piecing!

  6. Ohhh...I want to see more of #3 for sure!

  7. Hi Claire (with an I)
    I love your wips!!
    The star looks great, maybe change the tone of one set of kites or add a solid.

    I like the charm of handmade quilts, perfection doesnt suit!!

    Clare (no I)

  8. Hi Claire! I think if your center hexi had some navy in it like your outside points, it would really pull it together! Don't you love all this feedback?! :P I have started looking at FLICKR more - I am learning alot from the " discussions "of the various groups I have joined. And yes, love looking at the pics. I have added some contacts there so their new stuff is sent to me in a FLICKR email each week. Love that!

  9. lovely stuff! i made the mistake of using a flickr account (klynq) that's set up on a google account that is different than than the one I use for my blog. I had no idea at the time that this would make it really difficult to work in both at the same time, because I'm always having to sign in and out and in and out and whatnot, so I neglect my flickr account most of the time. although i just got an app for my iphone and ipad called FlickStackr, which makes it easier to upload. BUT my altime fav is instagram. do you use it? you should! I'm @kristastitched