Monday, February 20, 2012

Pack Attack

I'm have a hard time busting apart the pre-cuts. For some reason I like them all neatly bundled with their color cousins. It feels so safe.

We can't wait to cover you in lint someday.

I don't like this tendency, though. When I was a kid, I mostly squirreled away all of my stickers instead of sticking them to things six year-old girls should be affixing stickers to: artwork, sticker books, the back of your hand. (I made an exception for the bed frame. Sorry Mom and Dad.) It's sad to find your sticker stash twenty years later knowing it would have made you feel so much happier to use them when you were six. I'm determined my pre-cuts won't suffer the same fate. Queue the charm pack attack!

We're excited to cover you in lint today!

Oooh, that looks so nice all broken apart. I have to make a baby quilt for, um, Saturday, so I should get busy. It's for a boy, so I don't think I want to keep these colors in there.

Pink, brown, and black saved for later.

This is really fun, but I don't know anything about the parents or the nursery. This might be too loud for some folks. 

Why am I suddenly craving Skittles?

I'm crazy about this color combo. I think I've got something to work with!

Getting' quilty with it.

I hope your crafty week is off to a good start. If you've got the day off for Presidents' Day, I know you're already on a roll!

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  1. Those packs look so much better liberated, will make a lovely boy's quilt too!

  2. The last color combo is very promising! Lovely project (with or without the pre-cuts). Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my umbrella box :)

  3. Oh I am loving the colors!! And the prezzy prints are perfect for a baby :o) I am the same way with keeping all of my pre-cuts together, must do better!

  4. hehe... I had a sticker book. So I would take all my nice new stickers & stick them in my book, take it to school & trade them. Like, really? They were never actually used, just kept in that book! I wish I knew where that baby got to, I know some kids who would decorate every picture with them & think I was insane for not doing the same back then!
    As for your precuts, I get you. And good for you for breaking into them :)

  5. Hi Claire. I love these charm packs. In fact, I have one myself. I haven't used mine yet although I have to confess to pulling them apart as soon as they arrived in the mail. If that were a baby quilt for my wee one I would be very happy. Cheers, Karen.

  6. oh fun!! Love the colour choices :)
    I'm doing the pezzy print pattern that's on moda bakeshop! Just the sashing to do now. It is a great print :)

  7. love your sentiment about the stickers, so so funny. i tell myself the same thing when i get the urge to use one FQ from a pile of 6 or 7 that I bought together with the intention of using together. I'm like, no no, can't do that, it goes with these other ones! But then I'm like uh, you'll never get to that. Cut it up and get moving!

  8. This post was just what I needed today after having a head cold this weekend. I laughed, smiled and snorted about the headboard and Skittles comments. I like what you have picked out...can't wait to see it!

  9. For Saturday! Good luck the pattern and colour looks great I'm sure it's going to be one lovely quilt.