Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Geese and Blocks

At our April Austin Modern Quilt Guild meeting, Heather with Fiberosity gave a little paper piecing workshop, and it was lots of fun. I'd done a little paper piecing while making the Arkansas Traveler block in the Summer Sampler Series, but it was definitely hard for me to get my mind back into it at the meeting. I kept sewing the wrong parts together. Back at home, I used some Pezzy Print charm squares to make this Flying Geese circle: 

I found myself wishing that all the colors of the color wheel were represented in the Pezzy Print line. There were twelve colors in the charm pack, but two of them were black and brown. They just didn't set my soul on fire in this layout, and we're only supposed to sew stuff that we love, right? I'm happy with the six colors I ended up choosing. I decided repeating was fine. I think I'm going to make this into a mini, since it's so cheerful.

Rose Star Blocks
1. Block 1, 2. Block 2, 3. Block 3, 4. Block 4, 5. Block 5, 6. Block 6

This is my little English paper piecing adventure. I picked up this skill thanks to Clare's tutorial at selfsewn. Doing design work is still the hardest part for me. I'm hoping to cut another one tonight so that I can have some hand sewing tomorrow during a little adventure in town. These will also come in handy when I'm waiting around during jury selection next week ;-)

Summer Sampler Series Blocks

I originally saw these blocks on Fresh Lemons this summer, but I probably wouldn't have made them if it wasn't for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild's block swap. I've definitely learned some things making these blocks, so I've been making some to keep for myself as well. Hopefully I'll have some more done before our meeting tomorrow evening!

Storm at Sea Queen-Sized Quilt

My Storm at Sea quilt does have some problems related to sewing machine user error. That's why I haven't touched it since the fall. There's going to have to be some tough decisions or major hands-on work (probably both) to resolve those issues and make these blocks into a quilt. Finishing at least the top is one of my goals for 2012, so stay tuned. I want to bust this baby out again next week.

I can't wait to see everyone's WIP updates! I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced, Sew Much Ado, and Rae Gun Ramblings.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced   


  1. You are a sewing machine!!!

  2. i love all you're doing, howcan you manage that amount of projects at yhe same time? Congrats everything is beautiful

  3. WOW! I am totally impressed! Great color choices and so much detailed work!

  4. Pretty little Pezzy geese! Glad you ended up happy with them.

  5. I love the circle of geese, I think repeating the colours you liked looks great. I am finding it hard to resist making some of these, but my to do list is already out of control!

  6. I did a Storm at Sea block once and said never all the things you are doing.

  7. I love the flying geese, I agree about the colours and the repeat really works well!

  8. I love your flying geese! So pretty!

  9. I love your flying geese circle! They caught my eye on Freshly Pieced's WIP link up. The colors are beautiful.

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