Monday, May 28, 2012

PLAY Competition at Sew Happy Geek

Jenna at Sew Happy Geek is hosting the PLAY Competition for folks to design mini quilts around a playing card of their choice.

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My blog reading has been a little disorganized as of late, but I was reminded of the competition when Jenna extended the deadline to May 28th instead of May 21st, since she's in recovery from intense knee surgery. Here's what I came up with in a jiffy!

Ace of Spades

Taadaa! This little number is a hodge podge of embroidery and appliqué with random bits of fabric from every corner of the clubhouse. I like to dig in the dirt as much as I love to dig through my stash, so gardening inspired quilting projects definitely call to me.

- Kona white for the background.
- Spade: silver ironing board cover, gold lamé, and linen from my Zakka potholder.
- Dirt: pinecone print on cotton from my Mom's stash.
- Strawberry patch: fussy cut from a Lizzy House print for Andover Fabrics.
- Abstract plant: color wheel charm swap squares and Kate Spain Terrain fussy cut flowers.
- Embroidery: the spade on the handle and the A's were backstitched.

The back of my mini quilt is Kitchy Kitchen fabric, and anyone who wants to send me some more of this print to squirrel away in my stash is welcome to do so at any time.

This was a really fun project. Switching my brain to appliqué mode was really challenging. You have to think in layers to do appliqué instead of thinking about piecing horizontally like you do when putting a quilt top together. It's probably good that this project had a deadline. My fingers are ready for a break from appliqué.

There's going to be a Most Popular vote over at Sew Happy Geek, so go check out the handiwork and vote for me if you like! I know I'd like it ;-)

Happy appliqué adventures for all!


  1. This could not be cuter! Ace of Spades. LOVE it. Perfect for any gardenerd. :)

  2. This is great. How fun that you found that fabric for the backing!

  3. hey, now that's clever! good luck with the contest.