Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Review: Zakka Style

As soon as I caught wind in the blogosphere about the Zakka Style Sew-Along, I was interested. I knew the projects were linen-focused, and I was interested to learn something new. Also, I found out through Talkin' Tuesdays that C&T Publishing has a book review program, where you can get a free copy of an e-book if you're willing to review it. How perfect is that?

I love that the book is available in print and digital copy. I'd much rather have a digital copy for my iPad or computer than a physical book on a shelf. Another great thing about this book is the photography. The projects are beautifully shown. Plus, at $12.99 for the ebook and $15.95 for the real book, it's pretty affordable. 

Not all of the projects appealed to me. There are probably only three that I'd actually be interested in making. One of them was this super cute circular potholder. Each project is by a different person, and I enjoyed the little blurb about each sewist on each project page. The potholder was designed by Kim at retro mama. Luckily, I decided to visit her blog. It turns out there was an error printed regarding the fabric requirements for the potholder's binding. Uhoh. 

While Kim tried to include more detailed instructions and pictures on her blog to make up for the lack of clarity in the book, I still pulled out stitches three times before I got my binding right. Also, there wasn't a template in the book for the potholder, even though the directions said they were on page 121. What a shame.

There's lots of eye candy in the book to be sure. If you feel comfortable making things up as you go and relying on the internet to fill in some gaps, you'll be fine with this book. It was a long process, but I have a super cute potholder now. 


  1. I love seeing all these projects pop up although I don't have the book myself (way too many other things going on!!). Your potholder is gorgeous and well worth the effort, great fabric choices :)

  2. I am doing the Zakka Style Sew-Along. It has been giving me new skills for regular sewing and some of the projects are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Glad you are 'test driving' the patterns. Yes the instructions are not always clear and I would prefer more pics, but I agree beautifully photographed.