Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Austin Modern Quilt Guild's Color Wheel Swap

As you may have seen, Kati at from the blue chair organized another color wheel charm swap this spring. It filled up lightening fast. Lucky for me, Heather at fiberosity was inspired to organize a similar swap for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild.

Each person was assigned two colors per spot. I signed up for two spots so that I could get two color wheel stacks. 

I bought 1.25 yards in red, red purple, purple, and blue purple and cut fifty-six 5" squares of each color. (This allowed for a some cutting error on my part.) Cutting took longer than I expected. I wish I had spread it out rather than cutting all four colors at once.

56 red charm squares

Since everyone had at least two colors to sort into piles, it took awhile for everyone to sort out their colors. I ended up pre-sorting mine at the meeting. That way I only had to make one sorting pass in which I put out all four colors at once. Pre-sorting was tricky, though. A couple of pieces of fabric stuck together, and I had to go back through all 224 squares to find them. I should have pre-sorted at home.

224 squares in blue purple, purple, red purple, and red

Now I have this glorious supply of charm squares in every color. It's amazing! Our color wheel charm swap went off super smoothly. Definitely participate in one if you have the chance, or organize one for you and your sewing peeps.

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  1. I was looking for evidence of when we did this swap with the AMQG. I used up my last charms on a quilt I'm finishing this week! Five years later, I'm finally using all the fabric! #useAllTheFabric

    p.s. Is it good or bad I can make an entire quilt from stash? Front, batting, back, and binding!