Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Made It, and I Have to Live with That

Soooo, I was at my parents' house recently, and I grabbed a bag of random fabric out of the closet in my old room to bring back to Austin. I figured I would analyze the contents for craft potential. In the bag, there was a familiar partially pieced patchwork quilt top by my great-grandmother, Alice. 

Unfortuantely, sometime in the late 90s, I attempted a little patchwork piecing of my own. I gathered some of the loose squares my great-grandmother cut for her project, along with fabric from my Mom's scrap stash, and a terry cloth towel (?????). This monstrosity was the result:

Yeah, so the giant yellow square is the terry cloth towel. Not only is the tag still attached to some of the towel, but it shows on the front of the would-be quilt top.

Classy. On the one hand, yay for my fearless, crafty, younger self. On the other hand, yikes.

The best thing about this patchwork project is definitely identifying the fabrics left over from costumes my mom made for school plays in kindergarten and fifth grade. 

I think the orange sparkly fabric came from an old shirt of my friend's that we cut up.

As for the towel, I definitely remember pulling one out of the linen closet that I didn't think would be missed.

Speaking of misses, do you have any quilting endeavors hiding in your house that are equally horrifying? Have you ever tried piecing an old terry cloth towel into any of your quilt tops?

At least I've set the bar for weirdness high. Happy crafting!


  1. Love the tag in the front! I have many, many projects like that lurking over at my mother's house (have to admit I have a few over here too). I would just drive right in and start sewing with no plan! Oh wait .... I still do that.

  2. I love that you picked the yellow towel based on it not being likely to be missed. I think the story behind that quilt makes it completely wonderful, and something that I'd definitely have to keep!

  3. Haha you created a family heirloom there!
    I have not quilted with terry but theres always a first for everything!!

  4. I would leave the tag!! It's so unexpected...call it modern in the truest sense. Leave the terry towel in there....really there is NO fabric that can't be used in quilting. The truth of a quilt is "use it up/recycle" so anything goes. Think of the adventure you will have quilting this. And you already have the story for your label!!

  5. Hi. Well, let's just say that sometimes things happen...to all of us. This is actually a very useful quilt and I would leave it just as it is. It'll be great in the car for an impromptu picnic or napping with during a late-night long drive home or laying or sitting on for a little work on the car. Perfect, really!

  6. I think it's awesome and that you should keep it. I wouldn't quilt it, though. I'd frame it!