Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Rose Star Block

I had plenty of time in the car today to do a little hand sewing. I kept at it, and finished a sixth Rose Star block. 

Taadaa! The center hexagons in my Rose Star blocks measure 2 5/8" (6cm) on one side, so a finished star measures 14 1/4" (36.2cm). It's a good size. I'd love to end up with at least enough for a throw. I'm just going to keep turning them out in the meantime, though.

You can totally do this English paper piecing project. Check out Clare's tutorial at selfsewn!

Use the blog labels to see my other Rose Star blocks or check out Sewing Over Pins on flickr. I'm linking up with Somewhat Simple.
Somewhat Simple


  1. Pretty!! I love the fussy cut middle!
    I wish I'd made mine bigger, the sides are 1 1/2" on mine!! It's going to take forever for me to make a quilt!! You know I love it though ;)

  2. Stunning! Your fussy cut is perfect!