Thursday, April 4, 2013

26 Quilts and Counting!

Like the post title says, it recently came to my attention that I have made 26 quilts all told. Whoa.

I had no idea I had made so many until I started reorganizing my "Quilts" page. (See the tab below the blog header!) I created my blog to keep track of my sewing and to participate in the online sewing community. It's somewhat of a garden journal where I write down what works, what fails miserably, and where I ask you for help ;-)

I hadn't been doing a great job of documenting all of the quilts I made, especially during the Renegade Craft Fair, so I recently took the time to do it and was blown away. It's completely dizzying to think that I have made 25 of these quilts in the past 18 months.

I'm glad I took the time to write a little post about this, though. While writing, I realized that I was at 26 instead of 25. AND I remembered I had some home video footage of my first quilt top that I could screenshot to fill in for the lack of a good finished quilt photo. Yay! (I'll spare you the video. The only thing worse than home video footage of a quilt made in a dorm room is footage of an 18 year old quilter.)

Alright, I'm going to go back to enjoying Season 5, Episode 6 of Parks and Recreation, in which a quilt plays a key role :-)

Quilt On, Champions!



  1. Wow! You inspired me to go back and count my quilts: 23 completed plus about 4 waiting for quilting and too many in progress. I've been on a pillow kick lately, and those are generally mini-quilts with zippers! Still having fun...

  2. 26? Holy cow! Looking great though :o)

  3. That's an impressive count! Good on you!

  4. Well done you, Claire! Major achievement. Keep 'em coming!