Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fusible Party Garland

Last year, I signed up to be part of C&T Publishing's Creative Troupe. It's been a really positive experience for me. You can get ebooks for free in exchange for your reviews, and every now and then they send out an email with an opportunity to make something out of one of their products. You send the item to them in exchange for 50% off of a purchase from them and a free ebook. It pushes me out of my box a couple of times a year, so it's lots of fun. (I'm not incentivized to write this. I just wanted to pass on the info.)

A few weeks ago, I created a project from their fast2fuse double-sided fusible. I love the product. It was immediately evident why they called it fast2fuse. Dang. It is fast to fuse. It's a thick fusible, but not quite as intense as Pellon's Peltex.

I started out making some complicated mini purse that crashed and burned. Instead of trying to make the material work for a project that I wanted to make, I decided it would be smarter to make something for which product was well-suited. Ultimately, I made this fun Party Garland :-D

It's so easy, you won't need a fancy tutorial. Here's how I did it:
- Find a round object around the house: a glass, a jar lid, the cap from your hairspray, etc.
- Cut strips of fabric a quarter to a half an inch wider than your round object.
- Lay your strips out wrong side up and put the double-sided fusible on top of it; then lay more strips right side up on top of the fusible.
- Fuse on both sides with your hot iron, trace circles, and cut them out.
- At the sewing machine, fold some ribbon in half and backstitch in the fold.
- Then start sewing a chain. At even intervals, sew through the middle of a circle.
- When you run out of circles, sew into another length of folded ribbon.

Shazam. It will go even faster if you can get some help cutting circles.

I've got to go pull a quilt out of the dryer. Pictures tomorrow!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Neat, I have some fast2fuse as yet unused, now I have something to do with it! Thanks.

  2. Great solution :o) And who knew it would be fast to fuse, you think they'd have warned you... ;o)