Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Giant Macaron Coin Purse Tutorial

If this adorable Macaron Coin Purse tutorial hasn't made it onto one of your Pinterest boards, yet, you can thank me for helping you rectify this oversight. I made one to swap in the Austin Modern Quilt Guild white elephant gift exchange at our December meeting. I forgot to take a picture, though, so I made another one that I hung on our Christmas tree like an ornament. 

This is tiny, precious, and time consuming hand sewing, to be sure. Unlike a hand pieced quilt, though, you can finish one of these in an afternoon ;-) The tutorial uses 1.5" cover buttons, so the finished "coin purse" is itty bitty. I instantly wanted to make bigger ones. The biggest cover button size you can get is size 100, which measures 2.5". Too small! Plus, I couldn't seem to find that size in bulk, and they cost at least $3.00 per button. Your coin purse needs two.

I wanted something with the same round shape that was cheap and easy to come by. I emailed a company that made promotional items to see about getting the metal shields that they use to make buttons out of that you pin on your shirt that say "I love The Beatles" or whatever your button would say. Under no circumstances was I googling potential solutions on my phone in the dark while I was supposed to be asleep. Noooo sirrrrr. That doesn't even sound like me.

Then it hit me. Mini frisbees. OF COURSE! Then I had to live with the shame of not thinking of it sooner, because Mr. Pins is an active ultimate frisbee player, and there are frisbees all over my house. Awesome. Off I went to Party City the next day, where mini flying disc party favors are $0.10 each. Seriously. I got a couple of dollars' worth :-)

Oh yeah, that's a better coin purse size. The best part is you basically follow the original tutorial to make the giant version. No reinventing the wheel here. 

Here are the differences: 

1) Since a mini frisbee doesn't come with a back like a cover button, just trace your mini frisbee onto a cereal box and cut just inside the line. You'll wrap this part in fabric in place of a cover button back. 

2) My mini frisbees measure 3.5". I cut down a 14" zipper to 12.5". I zipped my zipper closed and measured from 1/8"beyond the end of the zipper pull and cut the zipper off 12.5" from that point. I stitched across the end of my zipper and followed the tutorial instructions from there. 

3) I used about a 4" length of ribbon for the loop.

Now get to a party supply store and stock up! These guys are too cute!

Happy Crafting and Happy Mardi Gras!



  1. that's brilliant! What a great idea :-D

  2. These are lovely, not sure that mini-frisbees are so available in this part of the world but I will certainly be looking out for them now!

  3. Your coin purses turned out great. Using mini frisbees for the bigger ones is genius! I love the fabric on the pink one!

  4. Your coin purses are adorable. What a clever idea :)

  5. Love both versions! Although we don't get mini frisbees here

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *takes deep breath* HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha those are totally adorable, and I'd say you reinvented the wheel (sort of) in a most magnificent way! I came for a visit when I saw your project pinned, and I think you're very clever :) I'll have to look around here to see if we have mini frisbees in Canada - I'm thinking $ store or party stores - would love to make a couple of these :) I love the design of the original ones but there's just no way my wonky fingers can stand up to such fiddly projects, so a larger size will be less intimidating and probably more fun (certainly more useful!) - thank you!

  7. Breathtakingly smart!!! I would never have come up with that solution, and I was searching the internet for "something bigger" that would give the same look. Thanks for this sweet post!

  8. Is there a pattern? We work with students in the inner city and we're trying to help break the entitlement mentality (found in all areas - urban, suburban, rural and inner city) by empowering students to earn money through creative arts. This is something they might be able to make - a pattern would ensure that each item is consistent.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I want to make one as well, but not that itty bitty bit. Thanks for solving the issue.

  10. SISTER YOU ROCK! I was just trying to figure out a way to do the same thing. One of my favorite English professors told me there are no unique ideas. Whatever you try to resolve, someone has already figured it out. So I searched on the internet and found your solution. LOL. Professor Wells was right. :)