Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Rose Star Quilt

What's wrong with me? There's a nagging voice in my head that says "Make only giant quilllts." Then there's another voice that says "Beware of longterm projecccts." Clearly these two voices can't always reconcile. Sometimes I end up with wholecloth baby quilts that can be finished in an afternoon, and other times I end up with queen-sized English paper pieced giants heading into year two. Half of my brain loves the enormity of this project and the other is terrified by how long it's taking.

I started my Rose Star quilt in January 2012 during the Superbowl. Now I've got 23 blocks done! I got a few knocked out over the holidays :-) Now's the time to make a plan and come up with some concrete numbers so I know what I'm shooting for.

The "Make only giant quilts" voice says to "make a bed quilt with generous droppps and a pillow tuccck."Fine, fine, fine.

Queen mattress measurements: 60" x 80"
Add 13" drops & 16" pillow tuck: 86" x 109"

To end up with a quilt with those measurements, I need seven columns of 7 rose star blocks and 7 half stars to square off the rows.

That layout measures: 87" x 108"
Subtract 3.5% shrinkage: 84" x 104"

Taadaa! Close enough. Now for the really depressing part. I need a total of 49 blocks and 7 half blocks for this layout. Blurg. That means I need to make 26 more whole blocks and 7 half blocks. I took a photo of my current blocks in what I thought was the final perimeter arrangement this afternoon. When I looked at the numbers again after sunset, I realized that it needed to be pushed out again. Oops.

Just imagine that the red star and the 2 directly below it are pushed out to the left another position. I'll take this picture again in a few weeks when I've knocked out some more blocks. Am I the only one with conflicting voices in my head that drawing me equally to opposite types of quilt making? I'd love to know I'm not the only crazy quilter out there ;-)

Happy Crafting!



  1. I'm finishing up a year-long block-of-the-month. can't wait to get back to my own projects!

  2. and don't forget that once you have made all the stars you have to also make the boring joining bits too. That is where I am currently stalled :-/

  3. Sorry!! It is going to be stunning, but I hear you!
    My last few epp quilts have been smaller ones, I think I should begin a rose star quilt though...

  4. Sorry, I had to laugh listening to your voices in my head :oD I seem to be on a huge quilt kick right now, with an 84" x 109" behemoth nearly done for the top/bottom. It's going to need to be long armed though, so that will mean finding time to go and a) learn how to use the machine and b) actually quilt the beast! (oh, and the long arm in question is 40 miles away)

  5. Year 3 on the pickle dish starts this weekend. But that's OK. I gave myself 3 years to do it and I'm 2/3 done.

  6. It is going to be a gorgeous quilt. I think it is worth the time it has taken to complete. I love your blocks.

  7. I love these stars, I wouldn't fancy doing the background though.

  8. It is good to have a mix of big and little projects on the go, your Rose Star quilt will be wonderful whatever size you finally make it.