Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Another Rose Star Row

In the last Rose Star quilt update, I mentioned I didn't quite have the perimeter lined out correctly when I took the photos. This is how it should have looked in that last update.

This week there is exciting addition of another row of blocks! YAYYYYYYY! So that justifies an updated design wall pic.

Meet the new blocks :-)

Also in the works is the Marine Den quilt pattern. Seriously. This is coming together. I'm so excited. What I really can't wait for is seeing all of the quilts that ya'll make with this pattern. As much fun as it is to make something myself, I love seeing a quilt pattern through someone else's eyes. Hence why I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Swoon quilts.

I'm making good progress in The Clubhouse (aka, my sewing room) thanks to Mr. Pins. He wandered in on Saturday afternoon while I was working on the pattern and promptly got frustrated that I couldn't work efficiently in the room the way it was set up. The rest of the weekend was spent in overhaul mode. Mr. Pins had the presence of mind to snap some disaster before photos, so I'll take some after shots when the light is better and show you my new and improved sewing space!

Happy crafting on this WIP Wednesday!



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  2. Ops! Not sure what I have done there on the earlier reply - Commented on how lovely your rose star blocks are. Just hopped over from WIP Wednesday

  3. wow....each block is amazing just on its own!

  4. ooooh! gorgeous! The yellow/grey one at the top is my favourite ;-D

  5. Yay, you're definitely getting there! Yay for Mr Pins too...

  6. You're killin' me Smalls! These are GREAT!

    And would you like to have your hubby teach mine a few lessons? lol