Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cupcake Pin Cushion Experiment

I love hanging out with the Austin Modern Quilt Guild. We did a gift exchange at our December meeting where you had to give a handmade gift costing less than $10. Alternatively, you could have been a chicken and given a $10 gift card for quilting supplies, but I was feeling brave.

I've seen tutorials all over the web for Cupcake Pin Cushions. This one from Nat at NatSprat was the clear leader for me. 

Sweet miracle that is hot glue. I love it so. Don't hesitate to stock up on burn cream if you're clumsy, though. Did I mention I have a large supply of burn cream?

Happily my fingers survived this crafting session blister free! Here's the finished product:

Taadaa! So cute, right? 

I went a little rogue in this crafting session and did a few things differently from Nat.

Good ideas:
1) Flipping the "wrapper" inside-out so the ridges were on the outside. It looked more realistic to me.
2) Making a sand weight for the bottom of the cupcake. A little sand made it feel very sturdy.

Bad ideas:
1) Trying to make the ridge seams smaller than 1/8" of an inch. It would be better to start with a longer piece of felt for the "wrapper"to make sure you can make comfortable seams without worrying about your cupcake being too skinny.
2) Trying to sew through 4 layers of felt when I wanted to fix a ridge. (My apologies to two needles who are no longer with us.)

This was really fun. I'll definitely make another one. I'm going to experiment with making it fatter. 

Get pumped. I'll take pictures and report back.


  1. Starting by cutting a sheet of craft and folding in half can be used. Place a folded strip on top of the other and trim the bottom of the cupcake. Then a cupcake liner cut can be added. I love cupcakes.