Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Trouble with Batting

I picked up some new-to-me batting types at Remnants this week. 

As I was digging through my batting stash to make these little baby quilts this week, I was really disappointed with some of the pre-packaged batting I was pulling out. Have you ever pulled out some pre-packaged batting and seen something like this?

Come on. I can fit my head through there. Not that I'm planning on running around town in a batting poncho ;-) I'm just saying it's a ridiculously big hole. How does something like that get past quality control?

I would've graduated to better quality batting sooner, but I stocked up at Jo-Ann's or Hancock's early in my quilting adventures last year. I'm excited to make some baby quilts out of these three sections of batting, though, to see how I like it. Jessica at Remnants was able to tell me which was which, and luckily it's easy to tell them apart. There's a Warm & Natural, Hobbs Heirloom Natural, and a Hobbs Heirloom Bleached.

I'd love to use that 50% Jo-Ann's coupon today to stock up on a fat bolt of queen-sized Warm & Natural for $225 instead of $450, but yowza. That's a lot to shell out at once. It does dollar out nicely at the 50% off price, though. If you get 20 queen-sized quilts out of that roll, then it's only $11.25 for batting for each of those quilts. Sounds good to me :-)

I'd love to hear about your thoughts on batting and deals you've seen.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Can only get the high-loft polyester batting here, so very envious of your purchases. You need to think of the $225 as an investment :)

  2. Ouch! We can only buy randoms off the bolt or order prepackaged online at extortionate prices here (they don't do coupons...) but at the quilt show I was able to pick up 120" wide batting at £10/$15 per metre, (about 40") so I was quite chuffed with that...

  3. I've always purchased Warm and Natural or Warm and White at Joann's with the 50% off coupon. When I have the 50% off coupon, I'll usually get enough for at least four quilts, which generally covers me until the next 50% off coupon arrives!

    However, I have HEARD that the Warm and Natural/Warm and White available at Joann's is not as good quality as the Warm and Natural available at quilting stores. Same with Pellon's new batting. I don't know whether that's true, but I've never had a quality issue with Warm and Natural from Joann's. So I'm going to keep buying it from there until I DO run into a problem!

    The Pellon cotton batting I picked up at Joann's did have some odd mustard-yellow flecks in it. I wasn't happy about that, since it could show through white fabric. Other than that, the Pellon batting at Joann's seemed okay too, but I'm sticking with Warm and Natural for now.

  4. Holy mackerel! I've never had a hole in my batting. That is CRAZY!!! I use Quilter's Dream mostly.

    I rarely shop at the big box stores for quilting supplies anymore. Too inconsistent in quality. And I like to support local business whenever I can.

  5. What a crazy quality issue. Could you e-mail the company to see if maybe they'll help you out? I've seen some do good things like that before, particularly if you say that you're a blogger. ;)

    I tend to buy the rolls at Joann, like you, when I have a good coupon (either 50% off, or one of the 15/20% off everything and the batting's also on sale). I'd love to say I could justify getting a whole roll like that, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) I just don't have the storage space for a whole roll at this point!