Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Sampler Series: Terrain Lucky Pieces & Minnesota

I'm recapping all the fun I had sewing last weekend at the Austin Modern Quilt Guild's sewing retreat. My goal was to knock out some Summer Sampler Series blocks in Terrain fabric. 

After finishing a Mosaic block on Friday and Star and Arkansas Traveler blocks during the day on Saturday, I decided to burn the midnight oil and work on a Lucky Pieces block.

My inner night owl took over and I got this block knocked out in the wee hours of the morning. I started feeling the pinch of the layer cake, though. I had to use the pink Lichen print in Berry to make the star part, because I didn't have enough of my first choice print. Never send a layer cake to do a fat quarter bundle's job, I guess ;-)

There are a lot of pieces to square up in the Lucky Pieces block, so it was late when I finally went to bed. I crawled out of bed ready to sew on Sunday, though. I had been pondering the teal colors of the Terrain prints as I went to sleep, so I started picking out colors first thing. 

This Minnesota block wasn't my favorite of the Summer Sampler Series, because I felt like the hourglass shapes were distracting. Since I was limited by my available fabric, I decided to go scrappy. 

Now I love this block! Of course I had to fussy cut some of the Stonecrop print in the Foliage color for this block. I think it would look even cooler if you could separate the values to make a slightly lighter diamond with those inner triangles. That's a sewing experiment for another time, though.

I'm thrilled with the amount of sewing I got done in 48 hours. I went from five blocks to ten blocks over the course of a weekend. Hooray!

P.S. I love my new DIY clothesline!

I hope you have a productive weekend of sewing ahead of you!


  1. These are so pretty! You've done a lovely job with the prints and the blocks. Great choice to use Terrain for this quilt!

  2. love the fussy cutting! As usual I am in awe of your skills!

  3. All the blocks look fab, and so much intricacy in there!

  4. The color choices pop so well! Great job!


  5. Wow, those blocks look totally stunning! I love the Minnesota block, too.

  6. It was so much fun to watch these blocks come together! This is going to be one bright, happy quilt when you're all done!!!