Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Sampler Series: Terrain Arkansas Traveler

I've shared some of the work I got done last Friday at the Austin Modern Quilt Guild Sewing Retreat at the Quilt Ranch in Wimberley. Well, when I woke up that Saturday morning, I jumped right back in it.

To familiarize myself with all of the beautiful Terrain prints, I pulled out all of the layer cake squares and arranged them on the design wall in color order.

With the Arkansas Traveler block in mind, I went for a scrappy approach and pulled out colors for each piece in the block.

Planning helps me avoid mistakes, but it doesn't always save me. If you've ever made this block before, you know the white background fabric is supposed to be oriented the other way such that the Seedpod prints would be on the outside. Oops.

I wanted my Seedpod prints on the inside, so I just said "Screw it" and sewed it together this way.

Am I crazy, or does it actually look cooler with the background fabric in this arrangement? Of course you won't even notice it when it's quilted, but it's fun right now.

I love this block, and I love that I was able to incorporate so many different prints into it. I'm happy I sacrificed valuable fabric for it early on in the layer cake destruction process ;-)

There will be more Summer Sampler Series blocks to see tomorrow! I'm linking up with Somewhat Simple.

Somewhat Simple


  1. Love this block! I'm hoping to use it for a Bee block when it's my month.

    It looks just fabulous in the Terrain prints. I wouldn't have known the seed pods were meant to be on the outside if you hadn't mentioned it - it looks fab!

  2. Oh my gosh! This block looks amazing!

  3. I like the effect of having the seedpods in the centre. Would not have known that this wasn't how it should be if you hadn't mentioned it :)

  4. Looks fab to me, and I won't tell the quilt police if you won't... ;o)

  5. It's gorgeous! And I'm all for people doing whatever works for them!