Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Gal Walks into a Fabric Shop

I was buying a little fabric today when another gal walked into the shop looking for help understanding the directions in her quilting book. The shop girl couldn't help her, but I overheard and offered to take a look. 

The directions in this book were a disaster. She was just trying to make a small nine-patch table topper to put under a vase. Even though the book claimed to be a collection of lessons on "my first quilting projects," it was full of jargon and jumped around without articulating each step. Yikes.

I told her about sandwiching, basting, quilting, squaring, and attaching binding. She was grateful for the clarification, and I invited her to come to the next Austin Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

I know I've picked up some quilting books over the years whose directions ended up disappointing me. Do you buy quilting or sewing books just for the eye candy, or do you take a close look at the directions before pulling out your wallet?


  1. I honestly look at the directions. I am a visual learner so they have to be very clear with pictures as examples. If they can do this there book is sold to me. I haven't found many books that fit this criteria though. It's quite sad. Do you have any book suggestions for a lady like me? Thank you. ~Melinda from Tacoma, WA~

    1. Truthfully, I feel all of the books I have made quilts from are lacking in this very way. I'm about to get a couple of new books, though, so I'll let you know how those work out! Keep your fingers crossed ;-)

  2. I never think to look at the directions, but i usually buy my craft books on line. I have had similar problems with I heart Linen, the directions are appalling!

  3. I buy online, 90% of the time, so it's eye candy for me.