Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Clubhouse in Quilting Mode

Can you spot the parrot on the loose?

I've gotten so many nice comments about my overhauled spare bedroom sewing space (aka The Clubhouse) that I thought ya'll might like to see it set up for some serious (if still completely amateur) free motion quilting.

Taadaa! Since the sewing cabinet and the drawers are on wheels, I just pull them out into the middle of the room, and slide the Ikea Galant table behind it for some extra quilt-supporting real estate. Here's what it looks like with a quilt on it.

I really like this set up for quilting and for attaching binding. Both are times when I really don't want a bunch of floppy quilt weight putting unnecessary strain on the needle or making it harder for me to move the quilt where I want it to go.

I'm also in super love with my 11.5"x17" Queen Size Supreme Slider which I picked up from my friend Cristy Fincher's shop, Purple Daisies. Between the Supreme Slider and two Quilt Halos, I felt like I was having a much easier time FMQing than I really should have had, given my limited experience ;-)

Cristy's offering 20% off through March 24th in honor of National Quilting day. You don't even need a coupon code, so go ahead and get a Supreme Slider, stock up on a couple of Quilt Halos, some rubber thimbles, glue tips, and hand appliqué needles while you're at it.

Happy Crafting!



  1. What a neat idea! It's so lovely how that space works for you so effectively now. I need to get up pictures of my new Ikea table. You inspired me to make my room work for me better. :)

  2. I bought the quilt halos from the very sweet Christy at QuiltCon and they are awesome! Totally helping me power through a huge quilt I'm working on.

  3. Supreme Sliders are a MUST HAVE for FMQ. I'll have to look into the Quilt Halos...not familiar with them. Your Clubhouse is fabulous - such a happy place!

  4. I just got a Queen Supreme Slider from Cristy at QuiltCon and am looking forward to trying it out! Now I just need an awesome Clubhouse like yours instead of a small corner of the living room!